Jack Garofalo

BA (Hons)

Marketing, Communications & Content Executive

020 8530 0720 jack.g@nordens.co.uk

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About Jack

I work within the Marketing department at Nordens. Since joining Nordens, my day to day role and output lies within the content and communications of the firm, ranging from writing all articles, social media curation, website copy, and proofing any copy that goes out to our clients, our partners, and internally.

Our content offering at Nordens has been greatly invested in, informing and educating our clients and readers through insightful and resourceful information, tools and materials. Our relationship and collaborations with other companies have seen Nordens name increase in exposure both digitally and physically, whilst furthering the company in line with the firm's values of progressiveness and support.

I feel proud to be a part of such an amazing firm that goes way beyond what a normal accountancy practice does. By being given the time to research in great detail certain developments, statistics and trends across a variety of industries, our content has an extensive appeal and reflects what we are all about here at Nordens.