5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Virtual Assistant

Much has been made regarding the rise of digitalisation in most sectors in the UK, however one thing which isn’t covered extensively is the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA). VAs are essentially a service which provides assistance support to businesses from a remote location. This assistance can come in the form of administrative tasks, communication management, marketing, workflow delegation and even social media. In fact, VAs can do the majority of digital tasks for a business no matter what is required.

Due to the pandemic, the acceleration of digital endeavour has helped save companies huge amounts of money whilst also providing the impetus to take their business to the next level in growth or redirection. With the remote/hybrid working experiment proving a success for thousands of businesses and millions of people, there are huge positives in seeking a VA. Our high-quality Virtual Assistant service enables us to work with businesses to suit their ideal needs. whether this be on short term projects or long-term work. We know that every business is very different, so whilst we offer basic packages, we can also create something bespoke and specifically tailored to your business.

We break down the five reasons why hiring a Virtual Assistant could be exactly what your business needs and why Nordens have got you covered…

Cutting Costs

Let’s be honest, the pandemic has been tough for most of us in terms of finances, especially business owners. Assessing and evaluating the turnover for your business, especially how much you’re investing into it, is so crucial. By analysing your staff costs and whether certain roles bring in a profit, you’re able to gage the value of your team and what they bring to the table. Not only will hiring a VA be a fraction of the price of an individual or department’s full-time salary, but they also give businesses the freedom to dictate exactly what they want them to do and the time frame specified.

Freeing Up Time

A lot of businesses have discovered that admin roles can simply and successfully be outsourced, freeing up the time and attention to implement those resources into other aspects of the company. Many business owners, as a result of trying to survive during the pandemic, have taken it upon themselves to do administrative or digital based tasks, meaning their leadership and focus on the core operational side of the business has ultimately reduced.

By hiring a VA you’ll be able to give your business the love and concentration that it deserves to thrive, knowing those admin or digital based tasks are taken care of by a professional and qualified individual.


Getting An Unbiased, Alternative Perspective

All good business owners communicate their passion to their team successfully. This is fundamental in allowing your staff to buy into the core vision of your business, motivating and inspiring them to progress through the ranks and add value. Of course, with this however comes a biased sense of perspective as inevitably you and your staff will always view the company with a sense of belonging and association.

When hiring a VA, this bias is completely removed meaning they will be providing a clear, impartial overview which could benefit your business more than you’d expect. By offering an equitable source of advisory or work, VAs inject a fresh outlook into a business and potentially may inspire an efficiency or improvement into a particular project or facet of the business.

Increased Productivity & Flexibility

Due to VAs working remotely and independently, the main priority is customer satisfaction and making sure the quality of work provided is to a high standard. When a business outlines a deadline in which to complete a task or project, the VA will be guaranteed to deliver otherwise the service becomes redundant.

This provides the flexibility to be able to pick and choose the exact hours and what work is required, with no training beforehand which is normally the case when hiring an employee. This sense of complete control and trust is why VAs are becoming increasingly sought after in all industries.

Working To Your Demands

In all businesses, sometimes something is thrown your way that doesn’t necessarily fit the average working day. This could be something such as website design, particular marketing materials, event organisation, graphic design etc. If you don’t have someone in your business that can provide this, it could take days, weeks and even months to get someone in to do the respective work that is required.

All that needs to be done with a VA is to simply communicate exactly what’s needed and when it’s needed by. It’s extremely likely that the VA will be able to sort this for you and provide that certain skill that is missing to complete the job in question.

We hope this has outlined to you what a Virtual Assistant (VA) is and the benefits it could bring to your business. At Nordens, we provide a high-quality VA service for businesses, helping you with any assistance or administrative tasks and much more. You can view our dedicated Virtual Assistant flyer brochure here for a comprehensive breakdown on our service. If you require any further information on our virtual role services, including our Virtual Finance Director (VFD) service, or anything accounting related for that matter, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at Nordens where one of our trusted advisors would be happy talking you through your query.