About Us


Whether you’re an established client or looking to join the Nordens family, our purpose remains the same:

Through innovation and inspiration, we redefine the industry and elevate business excellence. 

Our Core Values


Just Care

Caring about our people, our clients and the service we deliver is encoded in our DNA. We show this by being responsive, fully present, and open-minded.


Step Beyond

With innovation, ambition and a forward-thinking approach, we are here to help you believe in yourselves, and think beyond the present.


Think Solutions

We have a growth mindset and are solution focused. Together we find the missing pieces of the puzzle.


Build Connections

We cultivate a culture of approachability, adaptability and authenticity. We do this by using clear communication, projecting warmth and actively listening.


Bring Results

We don’t just aim for success; we make an impact by bringing results—clear, impactful, and unmatched.


No matter where your company stands in its business cycle – be it a budding start-up or an established multinational corporation – it’s not what primarily concerns us.

Your aspiration, boldness, and courage to be different is what truly aligns with us. We value partnerships with businesses that defy norms, challenge stereotypes, and set out to redefine the game.

We aim to help such businesses overcome any obstacles, keeping in mind the specific challenges they might face along the path to greatness. 

Meet our CEO, Mitch Hahn

Mitch is a formidable force in the world of accountancy and advisory, known for his contrarian mindset, financial acumen and entrepreneurial valour.  

After leaving professional football, Mitch needed to find a new career that fuelled his fire. Our Founder, Mark Norden, saw Mitch’s potential and took him on at Mark Norden & Co. Determined to cut through the noise of the industry, Mitch persuaded Mark to change the name of the business to Nordens, and came up with our tag line, “Not The Ordinary”. This marked the first big step on our journey to shake up the accountancy industry, because we knew that business owners deserved something extraordinary. 

Soon after, Mitch’s entrepreneurial drive helped us to build a strong reputation, and transformed our business to become the go-to place for ambitious business owners to seek advice that enabled them to overcome any obstacles on their path to greatness.  

Today, we are on a mission to redefine the industry, and elevate business excellence through innovation and inspiration. We aren’t just an ‘accountancy firm’, we aren’t even just an ‘accountancy and advisory firm’, we are the best in business, empowering the best in business.  

“Most accountants can’t see past the numbers, and are fine with providing a reactive, adequate service, and focussing on compliance” Mitch says. “Well, that’s not fun to me. I’m a footballer at heart, and they should have never let me into their club if they thought I’d play a safe game.” 

You’ve worked late nights and early mornings to get where you are today. And guess what? Your drive and determination has not gone unnoticed – but you’ve got enough on your plate!

You’re building an empire, pushing boundaries, and creating a brighter future – so leave the tedious accounting to us.  

We’re not just about spreadsheets and numbers. We’re about real people helping other real people. No job is too big or too small for our dedicated team of finance gurus. One-off gigs? We’ve got you. Full-blown accounting overhauls? Bring it on. At Nordens, we believe in customised solutions tailored to suit your unique needs. 

It’s about so much more than ‘doing the books’. It’s about driving your success, optimising your operations, and a commitment to helping you achieve your vision.  

Your business is your baby and Nordens is here to help it thrive. Explore our services today – it could just be the game-changer you’ve been looking for.  


1. Thorough and Bespoke Advisory Services

There’s business advisory and then there’s business advisory. Our strategic team of consultants provide you with unmatched expertise, structured solutions, and a commitment to clear, tangible results. We’re not just advisors; we’re architects of your success.

2. Breaking the Mould: No More ‘Partner-Led’ Exclusivity

Experience the future of accountancy with our vibrant, dynamic team. In an era of innovation, we’re challenging the outdated norms of ‘Partner-Led’ firms. We’ve revolutionised the traditional structure with specialised departments, ensuring you work with experts in every field.

3. Multi-Dimensional Problem Solving

Unlocking solutions beyond the surface. We navigate complex challenges with a multi-dimensional focus, providing tailored strategies that go beyond traditional approaches.

Our Testimonials

  • James Robinson

    James Robinson Director - Forma London

    Nordens provide a first class service. We moved to Nordens last year and have been impressed with the level of service provided. Keep up the good work!

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  • Andrew Martin

    Andrew Martin Managing Director - AMD Interior Architecture

    Great Service at Nordens from a friendly very approachable team Particularly Kirsty Willis and Joe Sword who have been helping us since we started the business in 2016.

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  • Simon Cushing

    Simon Cushing Founder - Vivid Finishes

    We have used Nordens for the last 5 years and have had a great service throughout. The guys are very passionate about what they do and have played a part in the growth of our company, highly recommended.

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  • Peter Horlock

    Peter Horlock Managing Director - Prime Time Boilers

    I have been with Nordens for many years now and they are a great accountants.

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  • Tony Charles

    Tony Charles Founder - Foundation Sports Limited

    A fantastic, modern, vibrant firm that care about the clients and their staff in abundance. It is rare to find an Accountancy firm with such vibrance and focus and relationships. It is no wonder they win award after award in their field.

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  • Dave Hodges

    Dave Hodges Director - Linekers

    Trusted our business with Nordens for over 10 years now and watched the company grow into the successful innovative business it has become today. Deservedly so. Every aspect of financial advice we need is always given promptly and with a smile. We ha...

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  • Christopher Wilce

    Christopher Wilce Founder - Dataphone

    Having worked with Nordens over the last 5 years, not only to look after my annual accounts but they have also provided outstanding professional advice. They have guided me through a Company share buyback with clear and objective advice. We have also...

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  • James Aconley

    James Aconley Principal - Pauline Quirke Academy

    Great accountants, always available to offer advice. The team have transformed my business.

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  • Rebecca Bossick

    Rebecca Bossick Founder & Director - Physio LDN

    Very easy to contact and put me in touch with the right person whenever I need to ask any questions. Extremely knowledgeable and can help me manage my various businesses whenever I need.

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  • Simon Rose

    Simon Rose Director - Rose Opticians

    I have been using Nordens Chartered Accountants for 5 years and very happy with the service provided. All members of the team are very knowledgeable and have a wealth of experience which has proved very beneficial to my organisation

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  • Jamie Brown

    Jamie Brown Co-Founder - Chicmi Limited

    Very good to work with - the team go above and beyond to make the accounts easy and efficient. They're all super friendly and a joy to work with.

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  • Chris Dyer

    Chris Dyer Director - Metro Bank

    Nordens are always very easy to deal with and extremely professional and efficient. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to my clients for their accountancy needs, no matter how complex they may be.

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