Panayiota Viglas


Director of Accounts and Cloud

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About Panayiota

Since joining Nordens in 2010 as a trainee accountant, I have been privileged to develop my expertise within our fantastic training framework and I’m so proud of my progress since qualifying in 2013. Highlights of my career to date have been winning the British Accountancy Award: ‘Practitioner of the Year 2015,’ becoming a partner in 2016 and then becoming Director of Accounts and Cloud.

I’m proud of making a difference. With responsibility for the accounts and cloud department, my role includes setting procedures and ensuring everyone gets the required training and experience in order for each client to receive the highest quality service.

I love to help clients achieve their dreams and smash their goals. At Nordens, we go above and beyond to make sure they are set up in the most tax-efficient way and my team provides friendly, understandable and meaningful advice; we don’t use accountancy jargon when we explain things to clients.