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Jamie O'Hara

Transition from the sports arena to the world of business.

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“When I first started working with Nordens, I needed to understand how best to structure my business and to put it bluntly, I needed to understand the fundamentals of running and scaling a business. Nordens helped me to get set-up properly, provided me with sturdy foundations to build on, and provided me with ways to manage my cashflow to future proof the business. Nordens have, in all honesty become my partners, I know that I can speak to them about anything and that someone on the team will set me on the right path.” 

Jamie O'Hara

The Brief:

Jamie O’Hara, English football manager, former footballer, and radio host at TalkSport, transitioned from the sports arena to the business world with little experience in managing accounts and financial strategies. Introduced through a client referral, O’Hara sought assistance in understanding business finances, forecasting, and implementing strategies to grow both his profile and business. The challenge was to bridge the gap between his sports background and the complexities of business operations. 

What We Did:

Recognising O'Hara's limited experience in business accounts, we embarked on an educational journey to help him understand the intricacies of financial management.

This involved demystifying business accounts, explaining forecasting methodologies, and providing insights into effective cashflow management.  We ensured that O’Hara gained a comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape to make informed decisions. 

With an understanding of business accounts now in place, we provided tailored advisory services to O’Hara, aligning with his vision for business growth and profile enhancement. This involved collaborative sessions to strategise and implement plans that would elevate O’Hara’s brand and increase his business reach. Advisory services spanned various aspects, including brand development, audience engagement, and financial forecasting to support O’Hara’s vision. 

To streamline O’Hara’s financial operations, we introduced cloud services. This allowed O’Hara to access financial information from anywhere, promoting convenience and real-time visibility into his business’s financial health. The cloud-based approach enhanced collaboration and transparency in financial management. 

Our team took charge of compliance management for O’Hara, ensuring that his business operations adhered to regulatory standards. This involved staying abreast of tax regulations, statutory requirements, and other compliance-related aspects. By managing compliance, our team provided O’Hara with peace of mind and allowed him to focus on his career and business ventures. 

The Result:

Through financial education and advisory services, we empowered Jamie O'Hara to make informed decisions regarding his business and personal finances.

The collaborative approach ensured that O’Hara had a clear understanding of the financial implications of his ventures, contributing to strategic decision-making. 

The Specifics:

Our advisory services played a pivotal role in supporting O'Hara's vision for profile growth. The strategies implemented contributed to brand development, increased audience engagement, and enhanced O'Hara's presence in the media industry. 

The introduction of cloud services streamlined O’Hara’s financial operations, providing accessibility and transparency. This efficiency allowed O’Hara to manage his finances seamlessly, even in the dynamic and demanding environment of the media industry. 

Our diligent compliance management ensured that Jamie O’Hara’s business operations remained in line with regulatory standards. This not only safeguarded O’Hara from potential legal issues but also provided a foundation for long-term business sustainability. 

In conclusion, we played a pivotal role in Jamie O’Hara’s journey from football to business and media success. By providing financial education, advisory services, cloud-based accessibility, and ensuring compliance, our work contributed to O’Hara’s ability to navigate the complexities of the business world while focusing on growing his profile and achieving his vision. The collaborative partnership showcases the synergy between sports, media, and financial expertise in achieving holistic success.