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Leverage the unique advantage of having industry specialist accountants and advisors to navigate the complexities of the Sports, Media & Entertainment industry.

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With our deep understanding of the sports, media and entertainment industry’s intricacies and a client portfolio boasting big names in sports and entertainment, we’re committed to providing you with accountancy and advisory services that help you to propel your professional journey towards its peak potential.

How can our advisers help Sports, Media & Entertainment professionals?

Tailored specifically for creatives like you, our offerings are meticulously designed to address every stage of your career, from breaking into the scene to maintaining your established presence.



Navigating VAT doesn’t have to feel like a game of snakes and ladders. Let’s make it straightforward, keeping you compliant and maximising your cash flow. 

Cloud bookkeeping

Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork. Our cloud-based solutions mean your finances are always at your fingertips, whether you’re on set or in the studio. 

Credit control

Chasing payments? Not your job. We’ll play the enforcer, so you get paid on time, every time, maintaining the rhythm of your cash flow.  

Annual accounts

More than just a regulatory hoop, think of annual accounts as your business’s yearly health check. We ensure you’re not just surviving but thriving. 

Company formations

Starting a new venture? From legal structures to strategic planning, we’ve got your back. 

Forensic accounting

Think of us as the detectives in the financial world, diving deep to uncover facts, protect your assets, and keep your business’s integrity spotless. 

Tour accounting

On the road or around the globe, we’ll manage your tour’s finances with precision, ensuring profitability and peace of mind from city to city. 

Management accounting

Real-time insights = forward-thinking strategies. 


Research and development

Innovating the next big thing in entertainment? Let’s make sure you get every penny back for pushing boundaries and breaking new ground. 

Creative industry tax relief

Your creativity boosts the economy; let’s ensure it also benefits your bottom line. Maximise your claims, and invest more in your art. 


Investment can be the rocket fuel for growth. We guide you through these schemes to attract investors, turning your vision into reality. 

Personal tax planning

You’re unique, and so is your tax situation. Tailored strategies ensure you keep more of your hard-earned success. 

Tax returns

Deadlines? Stress? Let’s leave those to suspenseful plot twists. We handle your tax returns with ease, accuracy, and perhaps a touch of flair. 

Tax compliance

Playing by the rules doesn’t mean missing out. Stay compliant, smart, and ahead of the game, ensuring peace of mind and a focus on what you do best. 


Business structure

Getting your business structure right sets the stage for success. Let’s find the perfect fit for your ambition. 

Cashflow & profit forecasting

Predicting the future? Almost. Let’s ensure your financial forecasts are in line with your personal and business goals. 


Funding is the lifeblood of your projects. From traditional to creative financing, let’s secure the capital to elevate your vision. 

Money management

Cash flow is perhaps one of the most important areas of business. Let’s manage it with precision, keeping you fluid and flexible. 

Growth advisory

Scaling your business isn’t just a goal—it’s a necessity. Tailored advice helps your business not just grow, but flourish. 

Business restructuring

When it’s time to pivot, you need a plan that’s as dynamic as the industry. Let’s ensure your business stays relevant, resilient, and ready for the applause. 

Business planning

Dreams are the blueprints of reality. Let’s turn your visions into actionable, strategic plans that set the stage for your success. 


Buying, selling, or merging, these are more than transactions—they’re transformations. Let’s make them smooth, strategic, and successful. 

Exit planning

Every great show has a finale. Let’s ensure your exit is as profitable and impactful as your entrance was bold. 

Accountability coaching

Consider us your personal trainer for business fitness. We’ll keep you focused, accountable, and pushing past your limits to achieve greatness. 

Remember, in the spotlight or behind the scenes, we’re here to ensure your business performs as impressively as your talent. Let’s get to work. 

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“When I first started working with Nordens, I needed to understand how best to structure my business and to put it bluntly, I needed to understand the fundamentals of running and scaling a business. Nordens helped me to get set-up properly, provided me with sturdy foundations to build on, and provided me with ways to manage my cashflow to future proof the business. Nordens have, in all honesty become my partners, I know that I can speak to them about anything and that someone on the team will set me on the right path.”

Jamie O'Hara

As I’ve said, I speak to a lot of my influencer friends and they don’t know a lot when it comes to finances.  The knowledge I’ve acquired comes from Nordens and its educational resources. I’m lucky that Nordens have a specialist team for those within the creative and media sectors, so they have the experience needed to deal with my finances. Nordens are definitely ahead of the game and I can’t commend them enough”

Stevo The Madman

“I have been a professional actor for nearly 30 years and have worked extensively across all mediums within the industry including voice over’s, film, television and theatre. It is vitally important therefore to have a VAT expert that understands all aspects of my income and expenditure. 
All my accountancy needs have been dealt with extremely effectively by Maria Mousoullou who I have found to be diligent, professional and affable and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

Joplin Sibtain

“Nordens have been dealing with myself & Dad for many years now. Nothing is an issue for these guys. The educated advice and support given by these guys is amazing. Communication is also top class with various departments and key people being at the end of the phone or email.

Professional. Polite. Supportive. Trustworthy. Approachable. All the key things a business needs big or small from an accountant.”

Natasha Sandhu


Because standard is not in our vocabulary. 

In the dazzling world of sport, media, and entertainment, your financial success should be as dynamic and groundbreaking as you. Here’s just some of the reasons you should work with us:

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1) Personalised Master Plans

talking bespoke advisory services that cater specifically to influencers, sporting professionals, agents, and everyone in between who makes the entertainment world spin.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can you help me manage my money?

We can craft individual cashflow forecasts and management strategies that not only secure your current wealth but also show you how to bolster your future earnings.  


What makes you different from other accountancy firms?

Our industry specialisation means we’re not just familiar with your world; we’re part of it. We speak your language, understand your challenges, and celebrate your victories. With a blend of professional rigour and industry savvy, we’re equipped to offer insights that generic accountancy practices simply can’t. 


Can you help with tax issues specific to the entertainment industry?

Absolutely. The entertainment world comes with its own set of financial intricacies, from understanding international tax obligations for touring artists to managing royalties in a tax-efficient manner. Our expertise is your shield against the tax pitfalls that so often plague individuals and businesses in this industry. 


How do you support newcomers to the industry?

Tomorrow’s stars need nurturing today. We provide foundational financial advice to up-and-comers, ensuring they’re set up for success from the get-go. It’s about more than just managing money; it’s about teaching them to navigate the financial aspects of their career.  

Remember, in the spotlight or behind the scenes, we’re here to ensure your business performs as impressively as your talent. Let’s get to work.