Rebel: 30 Years Of London Fashion

Insiders edge

My contribution to the high-profile fashion designers we all know and love today.

My daughter’s fascination with the world of art and fashion recently led us to the Design Museum in London. Sponsored by the iconic Alexander McQueen, the exhibition we explored was a testament to 30 years of rebellious creativity in London’s fashion scene.

This vibrant showcase is a collaborative effort between the Design Museum and the British Fashion Council, commemorating the 30th anniversary of the BFC’s NEWGEN program. NEWGEN serves as a launchpad for the most promising emerging fashion design talent, nurturing them to become the next global, high-end brands.

Now, the short version of the story is simple – my daughter absolutely loved it. The colours, the fabrics, the avant-garde designs – everything a young fashion enthusiast could dream of.

But here’s the longer version. 

As we strolled through the exhibition, surrounded by the cutting-edge creations that define the intersection of art and fashion, I found myself pausing to reflect on my own journey. 

It dawned on me that I’ve been a silent supporter, a backstage player in the success stories of many high-profile fashion designers whose work adorned the museum walls.

My involvement with these creators ranged from the mundane world of traditional accountancy support to the more personal realms of one-on-one and group mentoring. 

I offered these designers insights that provided the business backbone to help dreams flourish into global brands. Each stitch of success, no matter how small my role, seemed to echo within those museum walls.

Now, let me clarify – I’m not usually one to boast. But there was an undeniable sense of pride in walking through that exhibition with my daughter, pointing at designs and saying, ‘I know them, and in some way, I helped them get here.’

Admittedly, it’s not your typical father-daughter bonding over football or movie night, but it was our unique moment. A moment where my professional world intersected with her burgeoning passion, and for a moment, the seemingly mundane work of an accountant transformed into a narrative of support, mentorship, and shared success.

Yet, I can’t help but chuckle at the irony. Despite being surrounded by the ground-breaking creations of fashion’s rebels, my attempts to elevate my ‘cool dad’ status with my daughter might have fallen short. 

Does she care that I was a trustee on the board of Graduate Fashion Week for a few years? Absolutely not (that she would admit). 

My brand value as an accountant didn’t skyrocket in her eyes, but at least I got to showcase a different facet of what we, as individuals, can achieve beyond the stereotypes of our professions.

So, here’s to the rebels, the dreamers, and the unsung heroes in the background – because sometimes, it’s the seemingly ordinary stories that add the most substance to the extraordinary tapestry of life.

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