• Reverse Charge VAT

    Reverse Charge VAT: What you NEED to know

    Reverse Charge VAT can seem like quite a complex thing to understand…which is why we’ve produced a guide to help business owners navigate it correctly. […]

  • Business Success Series: Team and Culture

    Strong businesses are built on the foundations of a great team. Discover the steps you need to take to ensure your business has the best chance of succeeding.

  • Understanding a Shareholders’ Agreement

    Client Co-ordinator, Jennifer Georgiou, outlines the importance of obtaining a shareholders’ agreement for your business.

  • Women in Music

    Empowering Women in Music for a More Equitable Industry 

    By leveraging our expertise and providing a safe space for women in the music industry, we’re not just offering accounting and business advice—we’re contributing to a broader movement for equality and fairness.

  • Darts

    Breaking Boundaries: How Target Darts is Revolutionising the Game

    In the competitive world of sport, few have managed to shake the foundation and command attention quite like Target Darts. Known for its innovative spirit and fearless approach to evolving a tradition-rich sport, Target Darts has proven that respecting the past and boldly stepping into the future are not mutually exclusive pursuits.

  • Neurodiverse

    Why there is a tax on neurodiverse people?

    In today’s interconnected world, financial well-being is a critical component of overall life satisfaction. However, a significant portion of the population faces unique challenges when it comes to managing their finances, contributing to what we call the “neurodiversity tax.”

  • Ir35

    IR35 reforms continue to frustrate freelancers.

    A new survey of more than 900 contractors published showed that many workers remain dissatisfied with the changes to the tax rules for freelance workers in the private sector, and has found that nearly half of the UK’s freelancers believe they have been misclassified as “employed for tax purposes” by their hiring companies. 

  • The Creative Catalyst Grant Competition Returns.

    The Creative Catalyst Grant Competition is back and once again set to inject up to £10 million into the creative industries.

  • Insiders edge

    Rebel: 30 Years Of London Fashion

    An Accountants contribution to the high-profile fashion designers we all know and love today.