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I would highly recommend that you just sit down with anyone at Nordens, they’ve got a concept that once you buy into, you’ve got a journey.

Michael Mercer, CEO


Taylors Legal are a dynamic, forward thinking legal firm based in Chigwell, Essex. They offer you the intimate, friendly service you would expect of a suburban practice, combined with the efficiency and first class expertise you would get from a London practice.

Their talented and approachable team offers legal advice on all aspects of conveyancing, including new build conveyancing, family law, wills, probate and power of attorney. As a progressive firm, they embrace advancements in technology, ensuring their ability to provide a better service to you.

The Brief

In 2005, Taylors Legal embarked on a journey to establish a dynamic law firm that embraced modern methodologies and forward-thinking strategies.

As the firm rapidly expanded to include four partners, 45 employees in England, a dozen in India, and even integrating five AI bots into their operations—an unprecedented move in the legal industry—Taylors Legal recognised the need for more than just conventional accounting services, and the limitations of conventional accounting services became apparent. They sought a partner who could not only handle their financial intricacies but also bring a fresh perspective to drive the firm’s growth.

Ultimately, the firm needed a partner who could align with their dynamic approach, provide accountability coaching, offer insightful forecasts, and contribute strategically to the firm’s board meetings.


Outside of providing them with the usual Tax, VAT, and other compliance services, we brought a transformative vision to Taylors Legal. In our initial engagement, we focused on understanding the business owners and wider team members aspirations.

By asking the fundamental question, “What do you actually want?” we set the stage for a collaborative partnership that extended beyond traditional accounting services. Our advisory role encompassed strategic planning, organisational direction, and innovative solutions to modernise Taylors Legal’s approach.

Part of the journey was to empower the CEO to believe that he was the right person for the job, and not just a practice manager, to do this, we recognised his need to focus on the bigger picture, so we took on the responsibility of data analysis, statistics, forecasting, and other time-consuming tasks. By helping the CEO to embrace the art of delegation, we empowered the entire team to contribute more efficiently.

This shift not only saved valuable time but also allowed the CEO to concentrate on growing the business and shaping its strategic direction.

We also play a pivotal role in diffusing typical bickering problems that often arise in board meetings. With our ability to see beyond conflicts, we not only resolved issues but also suggested forward-looking solutions. This transformative approach turned challenges into stepping stones for the firm’s progress, contributing to a positive and collaborative work culture.


Our strategic partnership with Taylors Legal led to streamlined operations. By handling complex data tasks and providing insightful forecasts, we enhanced the efficiency of the firm's day-to-day activities, allowing the team to focus on delivering exceptional legal services.

The delegation of operational tasks to our team provided Taylors Legal’s CEO, Michael Mercer, with the scope to concentrate on growing the business and shaping its future. The strategic advisory services offered during board meetings ensured that the firm’s growth strategy was not only proactive but also aligned with industry trends.

Our involvement in board meetings played a crucial role in fostering a positive culture within Taylors Legal. By addressing conflicts and suggesting constructive solutions, we contributed to a harmonious work environment where directors and the entire team could collaborate effectively.

In conclusion, our partnership with Taylors Legal goes beyond traditional accounting services. Through visionary advisory, efficient delegation, and proactive board meeting facilitation, we have become an integral part of Taylors Legal’s success story. The collaborative effort has not only streamlined operations but has also contributed to a positive, growth-oriented culture within the firm. As Taylors Legal continues to evolve in the legal landscape, we remain a trusted partner in shaping their future. The key for success here, was that it was a huge team effort from both our firm and Taylors Legal, with key people in both companies assisting in the success of this partnership.

Nordens resolve problems that seem so big for us, and turn those into a positive. They will suggest ways forward, and ultimately helps us run our business. It’s honestly a miracle. I can only describe our relationship with Nordens as a partnership.