The Creative Catalyst Grant Competition Returns.

The Creative Catalyst Grant Competition is making a comeback! This grant initiative, which garnered significant attention last year, is once again set to inject up to £10 million into the creative industries, fostering innovation and supporting the growth of businesses that often find themselves overlooked in traditional competitions.

Sectors of Interest:

If you’re involved in Advertising and Marketing, Architecture, Arts and Culture, Broadcasting (including sports), Crafts, Design, Fashion, Film, Games, Music, or Publishing, this is your cue to pay attention. The opportunity to tap into this grant could be the catalyst for significant strides in your business ventures.

Investment and Aim:

Administered by Innovate UK, the Creative Catalyst Grant Competition aims to identify and nurture untapped innovative businesses within the creative industries. The goal is not only to provide financial support but also to stimulate increased investment in creative talent across the United Kingdom.

In this iteration of the competition, Innovate UK is committing up to £10 million, reinforcing its dedication to fostering creativity and innovation in sectors that may not typically qualify for technical innovative competitions. This injection of funds is a testament to the recognition of the immense potential within the creative industries.

Qualification Criteria:

To be eligible for this exciting opportunity, you (or your clients) must align with the following criteria:

  1. Innovation with Clear Benefits:
    • Showcase an innovation that clearly demonstrates benefits to the creative industries sector and the broader UK economy.
  2. Focus on Clear Opportunities:
    • Concentrate on a clear opportunity and propose an innovation that directly addresses it.
  3. Demonstrate Impact and Growth:
    • Articulate how funding and support can impact the growth plan of your business within the next 12 months.

You Must Also:

  • Be a UK registered micro or small business
  • Have not previously received funding from Innovate UK
  • Be from, or support, the creative industries sector
  • Have a demonstrable ambition for growth
  • Engage with Innovate UK EDGE to maximise growth opportunities

Grant Details:

Successful applicants stand to receive a substantial grant award of £50,000, and the best part? It’s 100% funded! This presents a golden opportunity for businesses to fuel their creative endeavors without the burden of financial constraints.

Application Deadline:

Mark your calendars because the closing date for submissions is 6th March 2024. This gives prospective applicants ample time to fine-tune their proposals and ensure they meet the outlined criteria.

The return of the Creative Catalyst Grant Competition is indeed a cause for celebration in the creative industries. For those operating in advertising, architecture, arts, broadcasting, crafts, design, fashion, film, games, music, or publishing, this is a rare chance to secure substantial funding for your innovative projects.

If you have a stake in this space or want more information, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Let’s explore how we can best support you in unlocking the full potential of this exciting grant opportunity.