Unveiling the winners of our 2023 End-of-Year Awards

We’ve now said goodbye to 2023 and opened our doors to 2024. A new year is always a good time to reflect on the previous year and celebrate your successes. That’s why, it’s time to shine the spotlight on the outstanding individuals who have not only exemplified excellence but have also added a dash of uniqueness to our workplace.  

The winners of the coveted 2023 End-of-Year Awards were announced at our End of Year Awards Party, and it’s time to share the excitement! 

Diva of the Year 2023: 

The most flamboyant and charismatic employee who brings drama, style, and a bold presence to everyday office life, Our Diva of the Year award goes to none other than the incredible Jane! Her charisma, leadership, and dedication have set her apart. Tony T, our runner up, also deserves special recognition for his outstanding contributions. 

Best Dressed: 

Mahfuz’s efforts at the End of Year Party, landed him the top spot on the night as Best Dressed! 

The Houdini Award: 

For the employee who’s mysteriously hard to find, our winner is Adam! His ability to navigate through challenges with finesse, whilst never actually being reachable is truly commendable. Atif, our runner-up for this award, also deserves applause for his elusive skills. 

The Zen Master Award: 

In the midst of chaos, Selen stands out as our Zen Master of 2023. Her calm demeanour and composed approach to work make her an invaluable asset. Ben, our runner up, also deserves acknowledgment for his unwavering tranquillity. 

Office Flirt/Charmer: 

Atif’s charm and playful banter have earned him the title of Office Flirt/Charmer of the year, with Marissa securing the runner-up position, as she always manages to charm her way into the hearts of our team and our clients. 

Superhero Sidekick Award: 

Steven, our Superhero Sidekick, always ready to lend a hand, takes home the top honour. Abbie, our runner-up for this award, is equally deserving of recognition for her exemplary support. 

The Sitcom Star Award: 

Abisheik, is without a doubt the winner of The Sitcom Star Award, after we recently discovered that he once hitched a ride with a now-convicted cannibal killer. Lucky for us, he escaped un-harmed. We’d also like to shout out to the wonderful Aaliyah, our runner up who, based on her own stories, found a cat in Tops Tiles car park and they lived happily ever after.  

The Zac Cannon ‘Oh Dear’ of the Year 2023: 

This award, named after our very own Zac Cannon, is for the person at the office who experiences an unfortunate incident that they probably wish never happened. The unfortunate but memorable incident of the year goes to Darren and his dog Layla, after Layla did her own ‘oh dear’ upstairs in the finance office. We guess these are the issues you face when having a dog friendly office, right? 

Project of the Year: 

A round of applause for the Payroll Team for their exceptional efforts and winning the Project of the Year award, for implementing brand new technology that helped us streamline both our internal and client facing operations.  

Brand Champion of the Year 2023: 

Every quarter we have a branding champion, which is the person nominated by the team for living and breathing our brand values, and just generally being awesome. Hollie’s dedication to our brand has earned her the most nominations throughout the year, therefore she is a clear winner for the prestigious Brand Champion of the Year title. Our runners up, Marissa and Sophia also got a huge number of nominations throughout the year, which did not go unnoticed.  

Best Newcomer 2023 Sponsored by St James Place: 

Roberta (our winner) and Rafael (our runner up) are recognised as the Best Newcomers, bringing fresh perspectives and energy to our team. It takes a lot to join a company and make a mark, and that’s exactly what these guys have done.  

Leader of the Year: 

Adrian’s leadership prowess has earned him the Leader of the Year award, showcasing his ability to inspire and guide the team.  

Rising Star 2023 Sponsored by St James Place: 

Jennifer (our winner) and Aaron (runner up) are our Rising Stars, demonstrating exceptional potential and commitment. 

Employee of the Year Sponsored by St James Place: 

Employee of the Year as voted by the team goes to the wonderful Davina. Davina takes home the coveted Employee of the Year award, for her positivity and infectious energy. She is always the first face you see when you’re walking in, with a big smile on her face that lights up the room. Sharon and Harry are acknowledged as exceptional runners-up. 

Directors’ Employee of the Year: 

Sophia, winner of Directors’ Employee of the Year, lives and breathes our company values, is aligned with our mission and just gets **it done. Meanwhile, Abbie and her exceptional contributions made her a worthy runner-up. 

Congratulations to all our winners! Your dedication, talent, and unique contributions have made 2023 an exceptional year for our company. Here’s to another year of success, collaboration, and innovation!