Don’t get caught out by scam texts

A couple of our clients have received a text message from HMRC saying that they owe money or they are  due to receive a refund. These are scam texts!

This is the notification that HMRC has on its website:

  • Forward suspicious text messages to 60599. Text messages will be charged at your network rate.
  • Forward suspicious emails to HMRC’s phishing team:

If HMRC needs to contact you about anything confidential they’ll be in touch by phone or post.

HMRC never sends notifications of a tax rebate or asks you to disclose personal or payment information by email or text message.

If you have any concerns about a notifcation that appears to be from HMRC – or one that really is – you’re welcome to get in touch with us to check it.

Call us on 020 8530 0720 to discuss any HMRC-related issues – we’re here to take your worries away!