Why we love our super-smart telephone system

Your phone system might be something that you haven’t thought about in a while.  It probably does the job, but are there alternatives that might help your business save money and be more productive?

As you know, we always like to give advice to help businesses run more smoothly and cost-effectively.  Our client, Dataphone Communications, has done such a great job of making our lives easier that we thought we’d share this with you.

The company provides sophisticated telephone systems that also help us with reporting and data collection. We’ve been so impressed with the level of service and superb amount of phone features, that Mark Norden and Sharon Brooks were happy to record this video testimonial for Dataphone.

These are some of the benefits that we’ve enjoyed here in our Woodford offices that might be of use to you, too:

  • Increased flexibility and cost savings.
  • Remote working, mobility and collaboration (if we’re out of the office visiting clients).
  • An easily scalable system that made it simple to add additional phones and a new number when we expanded the company in 2016.
  • A full support and maintenance package with loads of free calls for one all-inclusive monthly price.

This may be the right time to review your needs and see how the new capabilities of an updated telephone system could help your business to be more productive. You’ll be surprised to find you can make a big jump forward while spending pretty much the same as you’re spending today – or even saving money!

Dataphone provides a fantastic, affordable communications platform that allows you to buy only what you need. They take care of all the details, phones equipment installation, training and ongoing service, leaving you to focus on your business.

We’ll be pleased to introduce you to Dataphone’s MD, Chris Wilce, or you can contact him directly via Dataphone’s website.

Our super telephone system means you can call us any time for business or accountancy advice. Here’s the number: 020 8530 0720 – looking forward to speaking with you!