Accounting Success Secrets with Mitch Hahn

In this episode of A.S.S we were thrilled that they decided to shine the spotlight on our very own CEO, Mitch Hahn. Having joined the firm in its earliest days, Mitch has been instrumental in our phenomenal growth. From helping to write the first chapter of the Nordens’ story, Mitch has risen to his current position of CEO, overseeing Business Development with a role that focuses on introducing and nurturing new clients and helping businesses grow and navigate through any issues they may be facing with specific strategic advisory. Outside of Nordens, Mitch is an ex professional footballer who currently plays semi-professional football and captains the Team GB football team (Gold Medallist and double silver-medallist) and provides coaching and mentoring.

Take a listen to find out why Nordens:

A) Isn't the ordinary

B) Has a process to put the right people in the right seats which is so important in business

C) Cultivates a culture of positivity and approachability and aligns the team around a shared vision

And much much more.

This is a great demonstration of what a TRUE leader, innovator and all round good guy Mitch is (we hope you agree!)

We hope you enjoy it as much as us!

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