How we helped Taylors Legal expand at an unprecedented pace

Discover how we brought our accounting expertise to the table and helped Taylor's Legal overcome obstacles while unlocking their true potential.

Having rapidly expanded in their operations, Taylors Legal recognised the need for more than just conventional accounting services. The firm needed a partner who could align with their dynamic approach, provide accountability coaching, offer insightful forecasts, and contribute strategically to board meetings.

Nordens stepped in to bring a transformative vision to Taylors Legal in addition to all the usual Tax, VAT and compliance services. We focused on understanding the business owners and wider team members aspirations, encompassing strategic planning, organisational direction, and innovative solutions designed to modernise our client’s approach.

By handling complex data tasks and providing insightful forecasts, we enhanced the efficiency of the firm's day-to-day activities, allowing the team to focus on delivering exceptional legal services. Through visionary advisory, efficient delegation, and proactive board meeting facilitation, we have become an integral part of Taylors Legal's success story.

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