Nordens Christmas Message 2021

On behalf of everyone here at Nordens, we want to you all a merry Christmas whilst looking back at some of the amazing achievements of the past year. From recruiting new staff, growing our client base, rubberstamping our client contact plan, to working with the amazing Friends of Essex & London Homeless charity it’s been an eventful one!

We can’t wait to see what successes 2022 will bring and are looking forward to spending it with you all.

Another year has passed, and we can’t say it hasn’t been eventful. From the ever-constant perils of the pandemic to the dramatic summer of international football, yes sorry to bring that up again, 2021 has been a year to remember.

With Christmas just around the corner, and fingers crossed we’ll get to celebrate with family and loved ones, we thought it would be nice to look back at what we and our clients have achieved over the course of the past 12 months.

Of course, there’s no point in hiding that 2021 has been a challenging year for most of us, as lockdown has affected millions of individuals and businesses. We took the decision to introduce our client contact plan as lockdown began over 18 months ago. We figured that many people would be feeling lonely and ultimately required someone to talk to about whatever was needed, whether that be business, current affairs or issues and concerns in their personal life.

We’ve had some incredible and heartfelt conversations over the past year and a half, from all kinds of people, many with problems stretching beyond the norm that an accountancy firm are just not used to. It’s been eye-opening having people share their experiences through getting in touch with them once a month.

It’s allowed us to gage exactly what mindset our clients are in, tailoring our services to suit their ever-changing circumstances as well as being a trusted pair of ears to confide in. We have continued to offer this comprehensive contact plan throughout COVID, and we will continue this going forward.

Financially, we have also helped many businesses secure funding which has completely transformed their business. In total this has accumulated to over £19million in funding for our clients, providing a massive impetus to either grow their business or navigate the economic difficulties of the pandemic.

Speaking of growth, it’s been amazing to see so many new clients and team members enter our door and join the Nordens family. We’ve had the pleasure of welcoming over 200 new businesses and individuals on board, expanding our loyal customer base organically. This has enabled us to refine our offering including the introduction of a variety of digitalised and remote services including a Virtual Assistant and a Virtual Finance Director.

We’ve also heavily invested in our content, resources and support through regular articles, newsletters, and marketing campaigns to sharpen our online presence and aid our client’s knowledge regarding updates, news, and developments. This has put us in the position as the go-to firm for business advice and support which we’re really, really proud of.

It’s also given us great pleasure in working with the charity Friends of Essex & London Homeless and shining a light on the unbelievable, selfless work that they do. For all the Nordens team who volunteered a few weeks ago, it really struck a chord as to how fortunate most of us are and for me it genuinely was one of the most humbling yet incredible experiences to be a part of. Steve and the team are such beautiful examples of what can happen through hard work, collaboration and for such a, worthy cause and we honestly can’t wait to continue our wholesome partnership.

I’d just like to finish by saying thank you to each and everyone of you, whether that be our team, clients, friends, partners, and everyone who we have shared insight and resources to over the past year and beyond. Without you, Nordens wouldn’t be the progressive yet well-established accountancy firm that we are. We all wish you a Merry Christmas and festive period and can’t wait to see in 2022 and the successes it will bring!