Is multitasking having a negative impact on your business?

People believe that multitasking is a sign of productivity, but it's simply not the case. Hear from Nordens Chartered Accountant's director, Joe Sword about how multitasking might actually be having a negative impact on your business.

The word multitask was actually coined in the 60s by a computer scientist to describe the function of computers with multiple processors.  It was never meant to be applied to us, after all, we only have one processor, our brain. When we multitask, we're not simultaneously performing several tasks at once. We're simply switching between them and every switch incurs what's called a switch-cost effect. When you switch between tasks or when you're interrupted mid-task, your mental performance actually gets worse and worse. 

And yet, as a business owner, you probably value multitasking, seeing it as a sign of peak productivity. You’re essentially encouraging your team to distract themselves, constantly answering emails, participating in multiple conversations about multiple projects, all while working across three or four different computer screens.  

BUT... there is a solution, watch this video to find out more!

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