A fashion strategy bible that no brand should be without!

It was with a great deal of pride and excitement that we recently attended the book launch of ‘The Fashion Switch.’ This must-have strategy guide for fashion businesses has been written by our client Joanne Jong, owner of the fashion brand consultancy Yulan Creative, which helps ambitious fashion businesses to become credible, visible and grow!

All fashion businesses from small independents to multi-billion global businesses are trying to make sense of these challenging times. They are hiring, firing and restructuring fast, examining how to streamline and make their business more digitally agile by implementing systems and processes that save both time and money.

Joanne has over 25 years of experience working with fashion brands, twelve years of them working in Milan with global fashion icons such as Armani. It was during those years she realised what fashion brands need to succeed. So, she authored ‘The Fashion Switch’ with a clear understanding of the unique challenges faced by independent owner-led fashion businesses who are competing with big brands with unlimited budgets.

Without creative and strategic clarity, these brands could lose the business they’ve worked so hard to build. Enter ‘The Fashion Switch!’ Joanne’s proven five-step method enables fashion businesses to:

  • Strengthen their unique brand story to powerfully convey the brand’s value quickly and easily
  • Create consistent distinct visual guidelines that take the brand to a new level
  • Stay ahead of fast-moving market changes and innovate to remain relevant
  • Engage and nurture customers to build an army of brand fans to grow the business
  • Gain full control of their finances and business strategy
  • Unlock the potential of the business and seize the opportunities of the new digital era of fashion.

The book should be required reading for any fashion designer who is setting up their business, stuck with a business that doesn’t work, or just wanting to understand what’s happening to the industry. It’s a fascinating insight.

The advice in the book is priceless, but on 27th and 28th November, Amazon will be selling it at the reduced price of only 99p!! We’ll tweet and post on Facebook and Instagram to remind you!