Accounting2You – An Introduction

For those you who don’t know, A2Y bookkeeping is our specialised service to provide you with efficient, personalised assistance from an accredited team of professionals. You may have seen the logo on our website, so now it’s time that we properly introduced them.


Bookkeeping makes it possible for a business to establish a relationship with external users like investors, auditors and tax authorities. Through the use of comprehensive bookkeeping, your business will be able to keep track of all its financial activities. With this information readily at hand, management will be able to make informed decisions regarding operations, investments and loans. It can also assist in evaluating the performance of the business at the end of each financial year. Therefore, it is key that you find the best bookkeeping service for your business. That’s where we come in…


Is your business running at a pace that requires you to engage a bookkeeper almost every day? How much you are willing to pay? Do you have the resources to hire a full-time bookkeeper? 


A message from Hollie Watson, our A2Y manager – I manage our bookkeeping department (A2Y) alongside our head of department and director, Panayiota Viglas, ensuring we give clients the most proactive and reliable service. We pride ourselves in being able to take over companies’ financial administrative work allowing them to focus on getting the best from their business and meet their goals. We also train, advise and assist in ensuring clients are set up in the most efficient manner with cloud-based technology and apps, we are able to offer this service to non-bookkeeping clients, who we can support along the way. We don’t only work with Nordens accountancy clients, as a separate brand, we want to help as many businesses looking to streamline and improve their financial reporting and controls with the latest technology.


What can our Accounting2You bookkeeping team do for you?

  • Our bookkeeping experts will provide you with the appropriate support and knowledge to assist you with the financial recording, management accounting, payroll and credit control of your company.
  • We help clients through the rigid document preparation process, ensuring everything is compliant with government, financial and legal standards.
  • We also help client’s strategies, to create new financial plans that benefit both them and their employees.
  • We conduct regular meetings with you (which can be either weekly or monthly) to evaluate your books and assess whether there are any problems in them – which we immediately rectify.
  • Keep a record of both your incoming and outgoing expenses and chase up any missed payments to balance the book where necessary.


Thanks to recent digital innovations, the pace of change moves swiftly in the world of business. We know that keeping up with shifts within the economy and the respective industries is a worthy challenge, yet it’s the wider framework of technology that has become a prominent focus for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Nobody should still be using paper. Yes, that’s right, even you.


Did you know that we are Xero platinum partners? Clients of ours, are able to connect to a range of banks via Xero. We specialise in working with some of those banks; we can help with setting up bank feeds, and are knowledgeable about accessing bank loans and streamlining payments through Xero. We are able to provide high quality training and advise you on apps that link to Xero and work well for your particular industry. Let the apps do the hard work, not you.


At Nordens we have all the information you need about getting your bookkeeping service up and running. Take a look at our A2Y bookkeeping page here to find out more. Click the green button to book a free consultation. Alternatively, contact us on 02085300720 or email