Client Success – Getting Your Business To Where It Should Be

The word ‘uncertainty’ has felt almost very certain over the past 18 months since the pandemic began. Businesses have suffered a great deal, in both profits and unbeknownst as to what it is going on and what the future holds.

The latest Red Flag research that has been produced for the second quarter of 2021, states that over 600,000 businesses within the UK are in financial distress. However, this is 10% lower than what was previously reported in the first quarter of 2021, which was in fact the highest ever recorded. Despite some improvements to the economy, many businesses are still struggling to get back on track now it seems we are slowly edging out of the pandemic.

Seeing so many businesses struggle, here at Nordens we implemented a client contact programme to touch base with our clients on a regular basis. Every month we got into contact with our clients, just asking how they are and if there’s anything we could do to help. This was to make sure they received the support needed so that that their business was still able to tick along if closed or if operations were suspended. Many of our clients really opened up about the troubles they were facing, both personally and professionally, and appreciated the support and friendly voice we provided.

As well as this, we decided to cover a lot of the costs of furlough and COVID loan applications, giving something back to our clients in a desperate time of need. Many other accountancy firms chose to charge customers for this, deciding that it was justified to profit off those who were struggling and clearly needed financial support to survive. By investing in our clients, we know this will be repaid in the long term as businesses find their feet and start being successful again. This led us to grow our client base considerably, as more and more people and businesses saw our extensive support as a huge lifeline during the unpredictable times.

As the successful vaccine rollout has ushered in a sense of normality returning, it’s made us realise that businesses still require that level of support. Our main aim is to make sure that businesses succeed and do not end up in financial distress. Offering that support has been crucial and we wanted to expand on that to aid even more businesses in the future.

With this in mind, we are excited to launch our newly formed Client Success team.  We want businesses to be able to pick up the phone with any issues that they are experiencing and speak with one of our dedicated team members. Our Client Success team are dedicated to working with you to ensure you are on the right path to achieving both your business and personal goals.

Communication is so underrated, in all aspects of life especially in business. Just by talking to someone who may have a different perspective, there is an increased likelihood they may be able to offer advice and support which could evolve your business. Some of the things that you may be considering you be:

  • Do you want to grow and be more profitable?
  • What will happen once furlough ends?
  • Are you thinking of acquiring a business?
  • Is cash flow on your mind?
  • Are you thinking of selling your business?
  • Are you looking for HR support?
  • Worried about your tax?
  • How can I take my business to the next level?
  • Are there any other funding options that I can access?
  • Is your business set up efficiently?
  • Have you evolved over COVID?
  • Have you grown and need help to make sure you’re effective?

Our Client Success team is designed to put our clients at the forefront of everything, talking and listening to their needs and tailoring our services to suit their specific wishes. Having a dedicated and invested department to specifically communicate with our clients, in order to help them reach their goals, is the foundation of which the Client Success team is built upon. This leaves us in a position to offer you the highest quality support, contributing to your business so that it begins, or continues, to thrive again.

Our client success team work closely with our Strategic Advisory team in generating different strategies and processes that will take your business to the next level. As well as this, we will assist you with the digital transformation of your business through our Cloud Accounting department. This will enable you to embrace new technologies and software that will streamline your business operations for maximum efficiency. No matter what your situation is, our Client Success team are set up to offer you the exact type of help that you need.

You will hear from our client success team but if any of this interests you and you want to discuss it immediately, why not speak with our Client Success Team NOW to chat though your options and see what we can offer your business at 02085300720 or by emailing Also, If you require any further information on any of our services, or anything accounting related for that matter, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at Nordens where one of our trusted advisors would be happy talking you through your query.