Great Ormond Street Hospital- our charity of the year

Nordens is proud to name Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) as our charity for 2018/19.

The world-famous children’s hospital opened it doors in 1852 and its current mission is to provide world-class care to children and young people with rare, complex and difficult-to-treat conditions.


There are many people among the Nordens team whose lives have been touched by GOSH, and some who have had first-hand experience of the expertise and care of the medical teams there during the hardest times in their lives.

We therefore want to ensure that the money we raise will make a real difference, so we’ve set our target between now and the end of March 2019 to raise £10,000.

What we’re doing

We’re organising various fund-raising events over the course of the year, including dress-down days, quiz nights and a 16 mile “Nordens Walk” from our Woodford Green office to our Soho office.

Our stories

Following are three stories of how GOSH has helped the Nordens family.

The sister: “GOSH looked after my brother when he was born prematurely with a condition called Hydrocephalus, which is a build-up of fluid on the brain. My whole family can assure everybody that there is nothing better than raising money for this great charity and hospital. Their continued support for us all, as well as the exceptional medical attention that they gave to my brother, carried our family through a very, very difficult time. We have them to thank for a lot.”

The mother: “My daughter was first admitted to GOSH when she was 10 weeks old. We spent 11 days there and although her condition was quite minor compared to many others in the ward, my baby and I were  both looked after and supported the whole time. She went on to have three more operations up to the age of 16. Each time, she was assigned a play specialist and  cared for as if she were the only child there. I have always said that everyone needs a dose of Great Ormond Street as it is very humbling and makes you appreciate what you have.”

The auntie: “My three-year-old niece was admitted to GOSH in September 2017 with a severe viral infection and a pre-existing medical condition. While there they discovered that she had fluid on the brain and it was pressing on her autonomic nervous system making breathing on her own impossible. Throughout her time at GOSH the staff were very respectful towards her and very comforting to the entire family during this emotional time. Unfortunately my niece deteriorated very quickly and we was told to prepare for the worst. During this life changing time the hospital was very understanding and let us decide when the time would be for us to let her go. We cannot thank the team who cared for her enough.

The patient: “I had genetic testing at GOSH for BRCA 1 & 2, a Cancer gene test to determine if I had any mutations in my genes that would raise my rate of having cancer by up to an 82% and could affect my future children. I was so nervous to be tested but more terrified for the results. The environment and staff were lovely and, despite children being there for illnesses, the ward was full of smiles! I met with the most amazing doctor who discussed my options and took care of me completely. I’m lucky; I have no mutation. When I received the result I was overwhelmed with emotion. I left feeling a huge sense of relief and will always be grateful to the doctors and nurses who supported me throughout the testing process.”

Please feel free to follow our story on JustGiving – we’ll update the page throughout the year with our fundraising endeavours and success stories. And, of course, any donation you would like to make will be hugely appreciated by us – and the children and families that will benefit from this fundraising.

Thank you.