New Year, New Business Goals

New years resolutions aren’t just for yourself but for your business too. Studies show that on average 80% of new year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February. That’s a whole year’s goal completely evaporated in just 6 weeks of the new year, pretty astounding right? This is often down to resisting change due to not being in the right mindset, as well as not having an actual plan, rendering your ‘goal’ as simply a wish.

Check out these 4 tips that can help you avoid the failed resolution trap in 2021:

  1. Dream big but start small – Small repeated actions lead to habits being formed, which allow you to keep ploughing forward even on the tough days. Remember this is your new year, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither should this. Start day 1 with such a small simple goal that it is practically impossible to fail. If your goal is to do 100 push-ups daily, start with 1 push up. If your goal is to free up 1 hour each day start with 1 minute. It may sound pointless but these small wins are exactly the start you need to build up momentum and begin a habit.
  1. Specify your action – Articulate the action you will take in pursuit of your goal. If you want one new client per week, what is the underlying action you are going to take to generate and then convert leads. Is it getting feedback from X amount of customers, setting up X number of collaboration meetings or something else. Saying I want one new client per week isn’t going to get you very far without the action behind it.
  1. Embrace being scared – Good goals and targets are meant to push you outside your comfort zone. It is scary and can be a tad overwhelming but providing you have broken your goal down into small manageable milestones, all of a sudden you feel much more in control. Trust us on this one, we have seen thousands of businesses owners ‘embrace the fear’ over the years, and tackle it head on. As time passed, they stated it was a key turning point in their success.
  1. Encourage accountability – Who will monitor whether you reach your goal? Who will check in on you and keep you on track? Who have you actually made aware of the goal? Telling someone else and creating an accountability partner is proven to improve your chances of success.

As well as enjoying a well-earned rest over Christmas, we recommend all business owners spend a portion of time taking a strategic view of their business and set meaningful goals for the upcoming year. State the actions to take and decisions to make by specific dates throughout the year. This way you will hit the ground running (providing you stick to your actions and truly commit) and start 2021 with a bang.

We specialise in business coaching, support and forward planning, within our strategic consultancy department. Use this link HERE to find out more about their services. January is a time when many business owners look to utilise external support to better position yourself for the year ahead, so contact us today for a free no obligation consultation and see how we can work with you to help you take that next step towards your dreams – 02085300720 or email