No One Wants An HMRC Fine – We’ll Make Sure You’re Safe!

Most businesses like yours are well prepared for the important changes coming soon to the way you liaise with HMRC about your VAT and accounting.

However, there are still many people who are not ready for the “Making Tax Digital” (MTD) deadline: With so many business issues to handle, they’re too busy or they simply can’t be bothered to think about it yet, or maybe they like the pressure of deadlines closing in…

Whatever the reason, these business owners are facing a catastrophe if they don’t get sorted in time.

Where do you stand?

If your digital accounting system is in place and complies with HMRC’s new requirements, great! But if you’re not MTD-ready, we can set you up to ensure you’re legally compliant with the new rules. Our “Accounting2You” team is on hand to explain how we can help you, or you can watch Mitch’s video for a quick overview.

It’s so important that you’re on board with this sooner rather than later as, soon you won’t be able to use spreadsheets like Excel, only specific digital accounting software. Failing to do this means you’ll end up receiving an HMRC fine for not submitting your accounts correctly via MTD-approved software.

This government guidance tells you all you need to know about MTD, but it’s lengthy and – to be honest – quite boring. Get in touch with us for a human, jargon-free explanation, plus we’ll offer a free quote to get you set up and ready to go!

Call Yiota or Claire today on 020 8530 0720 or email, and we’ll get the ball rolling. No nasty MTD fines for you!! For more information about A2Y click here.