Nordens’ first annual conference

Do you hold regular meetings to update your team on what’s going on?

We’ve always advocated holding regular briefings to keep everyone in the loop about everything relevant – from new clients coming on board to how well you’re meeting your monthly targets and longer-term goals. If you’ve set a clear strategic plan for your business growth, it’s great to let the whole team know where their work fits into this, and how well each department is (or isn’t) performing. It’s the only way to really make sure you’re staying on track to achieve exactly what you’ve set out to achieve – or, hopefully, to perform better than you’d hoped.

Here at Nordens we do this on a weekly basis, with senior staff cascading information to every person in the team. Our morning huddles also give us a chance to convey any immediate updates that are interesting or important for everyone to know.

This year, we decided to take this a step further – and held out first annual conference off site, at the lovely Prince Regent Hotel in Woodford Bridge.

The afternoon was a huge success in terms of formally discussing our identity and culture as a company. We spoke about where we are today, leading up from the firm’s history – with Mark setting up the accountancy practice in his back bedroom to our thriving team of over 70 people. We heard from one of our directors – and new CEO, Mitch Hahn, about the future of Nordens and where our industry is heading in the ever-changing business world.

We also heard from our other directors and department heads:

  • Joe Sword, talking about the future of Strategic Business Consulting and what we have achieved with clients so far;
  • Panayiota Viglas, updating everyone on the future of bookkeeping and support services provided by Accounting 2 You (A2Y); and
  • Lorraine Curtis, explaining how Audit has worked in the past and why this service is such a huge part of the future of both accountancy and business in general.

We spoke about our own growth plans for Nordens as a multi-award-winning accountancy practice, and how we are staying firmly at the forefront of the industry. This was followed by the unveiling of some exciting new products and services that we are due to launch – we’ll tell you more about them soon…

The conference was the perfect opportunity to announce the appointments of our Executive Board, with Mitch Hahn named as the firm’s CEO and Mark Norden, our founder, becoming Chairman.

This level of consistent progress is just one of the reasons why Nordens is an example of how proper strategic planning results in business growth. And this is why we are so well placed to support other businesses to achieve greater success.

If you don’t have a clear plan and would like to see some tangible results in your business, get in touch for a free consultation. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!