Nordens Spotlight – Every Child Online

Every Child Online

Social value is about giving back to benefit those who are less fortunate, to provide increased opportunities and a better quality of life. As part of our ongoing commitment to social value and supporting our community, Nordens have partnered with the charity and non-profit organisation, Every Child Online.

Every Child Online are sponsored by our IT Solutions provider, Sunrise Technologies, helping to make a difference to children who are unable to access electronic equipment such as computers, laptops, and tablets.

We shine a light on this incredible charity, describing how they carry out their amazing work and explaining why children obtaining equipment can seriously help the future development of the community and the economy.

How does Every Child Online work?

With schools closed and pupils studying online at home due to COVID, it highlighted that the social gap regarding access to technology is huge.

Every Child Online’s goal is to help close this educational gap and ensure all children have the correct equipment to learn, develop, and grow from home. There are schools throughout the country struggling to provide effective home learning for their more underprivileged pupils.

What can your business do to help?

If you are a business wondering what to do with your old hardware but worried about the risks posed by donating preloved computers, Every Child Online has the solution:

  • Get in touch & donate your PCs and laptops (those under ten years old) to Every Child Online.
  • The donated equipment will be securely cleared of any company data by sponsors, Sunrise Technologies.
  • The donation is then collected from Sunrise by Every Child Online.
  • Sunrise will provide those who donated the equipment with confirmation certificates to prove the computer’s data has been securely wiped for peace of mind.
  • They also clean up all the equipment, upgrade its software and give the newly refurbished PCs and laptops to Every Child Online to deliver them to the schools and children that need them.

For those that can’t donate any electronic equipment, you can help fund the project they carry out, ensuring underprivileged children get the access and attention they need.

What is the impact of providing access to technology for children?

What a laptop or PC does for a child stretches beyond developing educationally, simultaneously giving access to play games, consume media, and keep in touch with friends. During the pandemic, new and updated public resources were launched, enabling children to continue learning from home.

As well as these public resources, the government also announced a £100 million package to fund free laptops and 4G wireless routers. However, this was only enough to provide for 37% of the 540,000 children in groups eligible for the scheme.

Remote education has now decreased as lockdown seems a thing of the past, yet local COVID outbreaks and increased virus transmission rates still require access to be able to learn from home and keep up academically.

As such, appropriate access to the internet should not be considered a luxury, rather an essential part of every child’s home life.

Charities like Every Child Online shouldn’t be needed. Yet, their work and achievements are so important to the social fabric and future of the UK.

We hope this has outlined to you the incredible work that Every Child Online carries out. If you require any further information on anything mentioned, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Nordens where one of our trusted advisors would be happy to talk you through your query.