Tax help for older people

Our tax specialist Denise has been helping some of the local area’s older residents with their tax issues.  She recently attended a tax clinic at Age UK in Ilford for the charity Tax Help for Older People, which provides free advice to older people on low incomes with tax problems.

This charitable service gives advice over the phone or, for more detailed queries, they arrange face to face appointments with professional tax adviser volunteers – which is how Denise became involved. As a registered volunteer for the organisation, she was recently asked to see two people at Age UK in Ilford. These people had issues with correspondence and tax payments requested by HMRC, which Denise was able to sort out by contacting HMRC directly on the charity’s fast track dedicated telephone line.

HMRC is currently running an initiative to assist older people with accessing their Personal Tax Account online. This is relevant if you:

  • are over 60
  • are on a lower income (below £20,000)
  • have easy access to a computer or tablet and basic IT skills such as email and web browsing.

You can call Tax Help for Older People on 0345 6013321 and they will ask a few questions to organise the right help for you. You can also see information about tax help on the government’s website: Or you can, of course, call us on 020 8530 0720.