Team motivation and celebration

We recently enjoyed a fantastic afternoon of Go-karting at Team Sport in Edmonton.

This might not sound like the normal activities of an accountancy practice, but there was a good reason we were there.

We were celebrating!

If you’re thinking this must be related to our most recent success at the British Accountancy Awards, you’d be close but not quite right. We were, in fact, celebrating an internal success this time.

Each quarter, we set ourselves a target based on a specific project organised by the management team. Every department takes part in the challenge to achieve that target, and we work competitively, but with the overall goal to achieve the end result as a complete workforce.

This quarter’s success allowed us to close the office early one Friday afternoon and head off to the Go-karting arena; the previous quarter saw us whizzing down the snowy slopes of an indoor ski resort in Hertfordshire.

Team Sport’s website states: “The twists and turns of our track make for a truly challenging course – nine testing corners and plenty of wide straights for overtaking opportunities will put your racing skills to the test as you push for the win… Have you got what it takes?”

This resonates with us as it reflects the natural twists and turns of business.  We work closely with our clients to ensure their challenges are realistic and achievable, and we create those “wide straights” that allow them to overtake competitors. We know that the clients who register for our Strategic Business Services have got what it takes – and those that sign up for our Accounting2You service quickly gain what it takes to stay ahead of their own game – and HMRC’s!

We all know that there are some employers out there who don’t value their team, or don’t show it if they do.  Here at Nordens we’re very appreciative that our employers place a high stake on keeping the team motivated and happy. Our thanks to the Partners for a super day out! Here’s to the next quarter and whatever fun – and success – it brings!