The latest bogus calls claiming to be HMRC

Here’s a quick update on the latest bogus calls claiming to be from HMRC…

A client called us on Friday to explain that she received a voice message from HMRC stating that she has been fraudulent, and asking her to call 0300 200 3555.

Once she called the number she got a message asking her to “dial 1 for fraud cases.”  Having been put through to an operator, she was asked for her name – which she wisely refused to give as they should know it. The more she refused to co-operate,  the more irate the operator started to get.

He told our client that he would send the police (the federal police?) to her if she didn’t provide her name. At this point the client started to laugh, which irritated the man even more and he started explaining that he had now told the police and they would be at her house in 20 minutes – and that she would be going to prison for seven years!  (Funny that he didn’t know who she was but he knew where she lived!)

The call was so ridiculous that the client knew it was fake. But, it is easy to get sucked into these calls, especially if the person on the phone sounds viable. This particular “operator” got angry, but others may stay calm and actually manage to get sensitive information.

So, we’re just making you aware that if you receive any suspicious calls they are likely to be fake callers.

Remember: never give away any information over the phone.  These people are trying to obtain names, addresses and NI or UTR numbers. If in any doubt, get in touch with us and we can advise you on whether it’s fraudulent. Call us on 020 8530 0720 or, in the case of suspicious or worrying emails, forward them to