Ashlee Cooper

Chief Marketing Officer

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About Ashlee

My role as CMO at Nordens involves creating a multi-channel marketing strategy that truly cuts through the noise. Ultimately, I’m dedicated to Nordens growth – focussed on truly understanding our clients and potential clients needs, so that we can create and deliver the best solutions for them.

With over a decade of experience across a wide range of sectors, I’ve worked with rapid-growth start-ups through to world leading brands. Whilst I’ve explored a wide range of sectors, there is one thing that links the businesses I’ve worked for together. I only work with market disruptors, the underdogs, the challenger brands and, with businesses who dare to be bold.

My specialisms include: marketing strategy, brand identity, client experience.

Nordens are a fast-growing firm with an entrepreneurial spirit that is unmatched anywhere else that I’ve seen in the professional services world. The culture is vibrant, grounded, and wholesome.

I’ve joined Nordens on a mission to disrupt the industry, because clients deserve better. You all deserve better.