Congratulations to Selen Mertdjan ACCA

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Selen Mertdjan has qualified as an ACCA Accountant.

January marks the start of an incredible year for our award-winning superstar as she has waltzed through her final accountancy exam, racking up an impressive eight exams in less than two years – and all passed first time!

Selen joined the team as a junior accountant with a first-class honours degree in Accounting & Business Management from the University of Westminster. She has a strong record of managing her portfolio of clients superbly, providing the highest quality of  accounting and tax advice, as well as creating solutions for helping them to run their businesses with ease. She has a solid understanding of the unique challenges each business faces and is passionate about helping those clients to achieve their potential.

Selen’s outstanding skills have already led to success – she’s been named as a Winner in the Accountancy Practice Excellence Awards and a Top Ten Rising Star in the British Accountancy Awards.

Selen is as proud to be part of our team as we are to have her! “Staff feel empowered and clients are put at the heart of everything we do here!” In terms of her success, she smiles as she says, “It’s been a long journey with ups and downs, and I’m relieved and ecstatic to reach the end. I’m very thankful for everyone putting up with my strops, exam tears and tantrums! For those who are still studying… keep it up and don’t ever doubt your abilities. There is light at the end of the tunnel!”

Joe Sword, one of Nordens’ partners, says, “Selen has done amazingly well with her exams since joining. The thing that has been really apparent is her focus and commitment to passing;  she has stuck at it throughout, at times dealing with a lot of distractions. I know her attitude will be inspirational to the people around her, including her clients and fellow team members. Given her prior background in banking, and her personality in general, she has a very good ability to think with an open mind and add commerciality into her work with clients. Now that she has qualified I am really looking forward to her expanding on this to continue to add value across not only her client base, but to the firm too. Her future is unlimited!”

Partner Panayiota Viglas adds, “Now it’s time for Selen to get back on track with planning her wedding in May! And with her excellent organisational skills and attention to detail, we know it’ll be a party to remember!”

You can read more about Selen and her colleagues on our Meet the Team page.