How we’re championing neurodivergent business owners 

Neurodivergent business owner

In the current day and age, the term ‘Neurodivergent’ is becoming a widely used term within society and it’s about time that neurodivergent business owners get the support that they need too.

Given that between 15 and 20% of people are considered to be neurodivergent, a one size fits all approach from the professional services sector isn’t good enough. Nowadays it’s well understood how displaying traits of neurodivergence can be both a blessing as well as a curse for business owners, so there’s a need for the industry to level the playing field where it’s possible and fight against the neurodiversity tax

The ‘Neurodiversity Tax’ – how it impacts neurodivergent business owners.

Many banks, accountants, financial advisers and investment firms are falling short when it comes to serving neurodivergent business owners with conditions such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia and dyscalculia. As a result, many people experience feelings of anxiety or confusion and are left in worse financial health through no fault of their own. More than a quarter (27%) of people with neuropsychological conditions feel unconfident in managing their money, which is a much higher proportion than the 18% of neurotypical respondents. 

It’s clear that there’s a need for the professional services sector to step up and help the neurodivergent community, and that requires lots of individual actors to play their part. At Nordens we’re determined to redefine the industry and offer a trailblazing service that is out of the ordinary- so here’s a snippet of how we’re ensuring that our services can cater for a wide range of client needs. 

How we’re supporting neurodivergent business owners: 

There’s a lot that needs to change to make our industry more inclusive for those with neurodivergences, and a large part of the problem is the current lack of recognition of the challenges faced. To start with, our full team will be undertaking a course with Mindset BPS to become Neurodiversity Champions. This course will give our team a deeper education and awareness of the challenges faced by neurodivergent business owners.  

Our approach doesn’t stop with certification- just awareness of the Neurodiversity Tax isn’t going to solve the issue on its own. 

We’re already rolling out a new tailored service specifically for neurodivergent business owners to provide support in a number of areas that can be tricky, recognising the importance of inclusive financial journeys for all. The adaptable advisory support package for neurodivergent business owners can include: 

  • Assistance with Business Cashflow and Personal Cashflow forecasting 
  • Monthly check-ins with advice tailored to specific business challenges, such as debt recovery, bank applications, people management and communication. 
  • Formulating specific action points that can be tracked and monitored over time 
  • Extra support with credit control where needed 

Director and Head of Advisory, Joe Sword, explains why this approach should help make a difference to neurodivergent business owners: “With the statistics showing that neurodivergent individuals are at a disadvantage when it comes to accountancy and advisory services it only seems right that their needs are met through a more tailored approach.” 

“No two businesses are the same, so it doesn’t make sense for us to be offering packages that are a one size fits all solution. Through sitting down with business owners, whether they identify as neurodivergent or not, we’re able to support them in the way that is going to best support their business’ success.” 

“Our mission is to empower the best in business, and there’s no reason why neurodiverse business owners shouldn’t be capable of reaching the top of their game.” 

If you’re a neurodivergent business owner, or this sounds like something that would benefit you and your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team here.  

We’ll be continuing to shine a light on what can be done for neurodiverse business owners and using our voice to increase awareness. Keep an eye out for more details on our upcoming NeuroBiz Success Summit later this year!