Team Nordens to Grace the Stage at the Digital Accountancy Show

Mitch and Ashlee

Team Nordens to Grace the Stage at the Digital Accountancy Show

We are delighted to announce that our CEO, Mitch Hahn, and our CMO, Ashlee Cooper will be leading a high-level discussion at the esteemed Digital Accountancy Show on the 16th & 17th April 2024. Our powerhouse duo will guide a panel on ‘Achieving 25% Year-On-Year Organic Growth.’ It promises to be an insightful, strategic, and transformational panel discussion that would reorient your business towards sustained growth and performance.

Being seasoned contrarian thinkers, Mitch and Ashlee will delve into diverse, underexplored angles of accountancy. From unconventional marketing strategies to modern sales approaches, structural adaptations to innovative system processes, they will dissect it all. Their session will underscore the potential and imperative of breaking free from traditional confines and embracing new-age practices to spur business growth.

Both Mitch and Ashlee are known for their uncanny ability to challenge and redefine the norm, provoking thought, stimulating innovation, and triggering action that ushers in substantial business growth. Their visionary insights coupled with pragmatic action plans have helped countless firms shatter their growth ceiling and exceed their own expectations.

With years of experience in leadership roles and having helped steer our firm through an incredible growth trajectory, Mitch’s perspectives are profoundly enlightening. His thoughts on evolving leadership practices to fuel firm growth are often praised as innovative yet accessible.

Equally compelling is Ashlee, a marketing virtuoso with a keen understanding of aligning marketing strategies to drive organic growth. She will share insights into the rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape and how accountancy firms can leverage it to their advantage.

This panel session isn’t just a theoretical talk about organic growth. Instead, it offers hands-on strategies that our leaders have deployed to secure and maintain our steady growth trend. Whether it’s crafting a conducive firm structure, creating potent sales strategies, adopting the right systems and processes, or instilling a growth-centric mindset, they will be sharing proven strategies that can transform businesses.

Ashlee & Mitch will be joined by Ellice Whyte, an accredited business psychologist, and Dan Cooper, specialist in helping founders transform business processes with automation.

Join us at the Digital Accountancy Show in April 2024 for this groundbreaking panel session. We can’t wait to witness the audience tap into our leaders’ profound wisdom and unique insights, ensuring that they leave the panel with a fresh perspective and the tools they need to set their firms on a growth trajectory of a lifetime.

Book your seats now to witness this business-changing event and embark on your journey towards achieving a staggering 25% YoY organic growth. We look forward to seeing you there!