What does a business coach do?

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or general manager of a company and one of these situations happens to you…

• The company’s profits are lower than expected

• Your sales are insufficient or your marketing is not effective

• You work many hours in the day-to-day operation, sacrificing time for your family

• Your staff are not committed or do not have the capacity to delegate responsibility

• Your team works without coordination and without organisation

• You want to grow faster or achieve your goals in less time

• Your partners do not agree or the rules are not defined

• Your business grew very fast and the processes and controls have been exceeded already

…then the solution is to have a professional business coach assist.

What is a business coach?

Today, there are several niches for this type of work: relationship coaches, career coaches, weight loss coaches, as well as those that offer specific work for the challenges of the business world, the business coaches.

Business coaching seeks to increase the results of small, medium or large businesses in a shorter period of time, besides generating high business performance and identifying new market opportunities.

The business coach is the person who guides and trains you to improve your performance as an entrepreneur or executive.

They can also train your employees in a similar way too.

A business coaching program is a learning process where your development as a leader will be boosted and together in partnership, you’ll see the results of your company improve.

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What is the coaching process and what is it for?

The business coaching process helps entrepreneurs and managers like you to achieve strategic goals and objectives for the business.

Through this, it is possible to develop:

Entrepreneurial skills

Strategic capacity

Time management

Develop leadership profiles

Efficient business plans that can leverage the business

Through this process, you can improve the ability to lead in times of adversity, which generates a great competitive difference in the market.

You also find out what your behavioural profile is, what your core competencies are, and from there you better understand your decisions because they always tend to follow the same pattern.

The coaching process for the business world will challenge, of that there is no doubt.

But it will also support and inspire professionals to reach their goals by developing their skills, neutralising the blockages and impediments, thereby stimulating them to discover new strategies and solutions that are critical to success.

The coaching process can be used successfully by any sized business.

It will help professionals who already have staff and professionals who work alone.

Why your business should have Business Coaching

Business Coaching is focused on results. It demands investigations and concrete actions.

It also produces lasting and positive changes – not only in the owner, but in the team, the business and financial results.

Business Coaching Benefits
Assisting in good structuring and business development
Setting clear objectives and identify strategies for achieving them
Identifying and making best use of people’s talents and strengths
Identifying and consistently developing improvement points
Identifying and overcoming obstacles
Developing leadership skills
Identifying and overcoming obstacles
Improving time and resource management
Better financial results
Higher personal fulfilment and quality of life

Who is Business Coaching For?

Business coaching guarantees business growth, through innovative processes.

It is ideal for entrepreneurs, business owners and independent professionals who seek to leverage their businesses to achieve success.

It also applies to start-ups and those who want to start up their own project.

What Benefits Can You Gain From Coaching?

• Helping in structuring and developing business plans

• Establishing clear objectives and identifying strategies to achieve them

• Identifying a better use of strengths and potentials

• Identifying and developing the key points that should be prioritised

• Supporting to overcome present and future obstacles

• Eliminating possible internal blockages

• Greater analysis in terms of decision making

• Improving in communication and professional relationships

• Developing key competencies for the owner

• Better use of creativity for developing projects and solutions

• Developing fundamental leadership competencies

• Improving time management and financial, material and human resources

• Creating a better structure of the business

• Making significant and rapid improvement of financial results

• Improving personal fulfillment and quality of life

In short, it is an effective way to help you shape, reformulate or strengthen your commercial outlook.

The 10,000 Foot View

Often, as business owners, it can be near impossible to get a ‘bird’s eye view’ of your company.

You become so entrenched in every aspect, that you often fail to analyse what actually is working.

Usually, your attention is spent spotting the areas for improvement, the failures or the hazards.

One of the important aspects of a business coach is not necessarily working with a theory, method or new discovery, but rather with your existing skills, exploiting them to the fullest through their expert knowledge of the field.

Not Just For The Elite

Business coaching is a great ally of small and medium companies, as the owner usually has no help from others in the management to expose their ideas and business vision.

Business coaching differs from other processes in that it leverages all that is good in the business and helps to maximise those points for even further improvement, thereby significantly increasing business results and productivity.

For any sized business, coaching is an analysis that focuses on two things: the result and the timeframe.

This is where the company defines a specific objective that it wants to achieve.

From then on, all the work will be done to achieve this result in the shortest time.

Does this sound like something your business could benefit from? Let Nordens expert strategic planning team know today.

When should I look for a coach?

Coaching is a continuous development tool which provides excellent results. This means that it can be of value at any stage of a business’s growth.

Anyone who wants to achieve goals, find new solutions, devise new plans, achieve professional growth or change careers can seek the help of a professional coach.

If you want to pursue any of these goals for your business, coaching can help you personally with:

• Development as a leader

• Increasing results

• Improving your time management by increasing your productivity

• Being more assertive in decision making

• Improving interpersonal relationships

• Having more time in your business to think strategically and not just be operationally

• Improving employee engagement

What kind of business coaching is there?

There isn’t just one all-encompassing model to business coaching.

It can be done in several ways and a lot of this depends on what you want to get out of it.

• Is it for you personally in a leadership role?

• Is it to move your business up to the next level?

• Is it for your employees?

• All of the above?

Custom Business Coaching

This type of model is for business owners or directors of medium and small companies.

Through this programme, the business coach will accompany you from the beginning until you reach your goals.

You will have sessions to define your vision and your short-term goals, until you get the key action plan for the next few months.

Later, through personal sessions, the business coach will guide you, so you can implement the strategies defined in the plan. This programme is a suit tailored to the needs of each company.

The business coach will provide you with the knowledge, tools, examples and formats that are required so that you can move forward and ultimately carry it out for yourself.

This provides a continuous support network. Skills and knowledge are developed so that the owner can create their own systems and strategies and achieve the results they want in their business.

This kind of coaching is for committed business owners, but who do not yet have an infrastructure, but wish to exploit the potential they have accumulated so far.

Executive Coaching

This model is for directors, managers and executives of medium and large companies.

The executive coaching program is about initiating the development of a key executive of an organisation.

It is achieved through a personalised and comprehensive development process. It will accelerate the leader’s effectiveness, strengthen their decision-making skills, helping to shape the company’s culture and improve the development of the team.

Through the executive coaching program, the person is helped to close the gap between their current performance and that of the skills and results required by the position.

This program is aimed at newly promoted executives, for those who need to improve their results and are preparing to take positions of higher responsibility.

Also it can be very helpful for those who need to change their leadership style, or if they are facing balance problems between work and family.

Strategic Planning

This kind of coaching is ideal for management teams of medium and large companies.

Through this process, the manager and their team are helped to follow a formal and inclusive process to establish the annual plan of the company.

This is followed up on a quarterly basis to achieve its application and achieve the goals of the company.

This is a very effective process to involve and mobilise the entire team to work in a coordinated manner towards the achievement of common goals.

It allows a clear annual and quarterly work plan, where responsibilities are delegated for which the team will have to be accountable for at the end of the quarter.

The sessions are about immersing everyone into the company itself, where the team focuses all day on reviewing results, defining goals, and discussing critical issues.

You will be left with clear ideas and key actions that take advantage of the momentum of the entire team – who will now be focused in the same direction.

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Nordens Business Coaching

Our strategic Business coaching offers a tailored service to each client

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