What does the Audit Team do?

An audit is a detailed review of a company, its financial reports and the underlying records and procedures undertaken within its finance department.

Nordens’ audit department reviews and reports on the internal procedures and record-keeping of certain companies, as not all businesses need an audit. For the companies that do, we evaluate operational processes, risk management and compliance with policies and procedures. (Click here to see if your company needs an audit.)

The benefit to a company of an audit is that it gives an impartial view and opinion of the robustness of its controls, and offers a true and fair view on the accuracy of the financial information. Additional benefits to companies having audits are that they can provide additional comfort to shareholders that the financial information they are being provided with is accurate and free from misstatements.

At the end of each audit we undertake, we offer recommendations to improve the business’ current processes and procedures in order to help the company operate more efficiently and effectively. We are able to assess the systems they have in place and provide advice on internal improvements that could be made to help the company become more efficient. This also highlights any areas that are not performing or potential problems.

Nordens’ Audit Department currently has three members in the team: Lorraine, who’s also a Partner in the firm, Juliet and Ruhul.  Our clients range from solicitors to retail companies and large advertising agencies. We have experience within all sectors, including not for profit and large corporate companies. Therefore, we are able to offer advice and recommendations that are suitably tailored to the requirements of the industry in which the company is operating.

To find out whether your business would benefit from an audit, please call us on 020 8530 0720 or email Juliet.m@nordens.co.uk.