Finance, Furlough And Opportunity Live Webinar!

Watch back the recording of our Nordens live webinar titles 'Finance, furlough and opportunity' recorded on Wednesday 22/04/20. Our Host, Nordens CEO Mitch Hahn, was joined by guests Joe Sword - Head of Nordens strategic consultancy division, Odhran Dodd - Director of Nucleus Commercial Finance and Mark Norden - Chairman of Nordens chartered accountants. Joe spoke about all of the latest updates and available tools/services that you as a business owner can use to get through this period, including Furlough, government updates, opportunities, loans, grants and how you can implement them. With banks not being as supportive as we would like them to be, we will discuss with Odhran what their current stance is, as Nucleus lends directly to businesses and has lent over £1.3 billion in total already. We will find out what they expect from Businesses in order to lend them what they need to not only survive this period, but to thrive and grow. The feedback we are getting from a lot of business owners is that following our webinars, they are starting to see potential opportunities in the future, so our Chairman Mark Norden has kindly agreed to come on and will discuss mindset and opportunities that business owners have to not only survive but THRIVE during this period. At the end of the session, our live viewers had the opportunity to have a Q & A with our experts. We want to ensure that everyone is educated and secure during these uncertain times. We will be hosting these calls weekly! Subscribe to our newsletter now in order to be invited to our next webinar. In the mean time, feel free to contact anyone at Nordens with any questions you might have on 02085300720 or email