Live Webinar – New Furlough, Finance And Recession Proofing Your Business

Watch our latest LIVE webinar titled ' New Furlough, Finance And Recession Proofing Your Business' that was held on Wednesday 11/11 at 4pm GMT hosted by our CEO Mitch Hahn where we discussed all things Furlough, all the finance options out there, how to recession proof your business and what simple things you can do to get through the tough months ahead. Mitch was joined by Joe Sword - Director of Nordens Strategic Consultancy and Darren Hahn - Head of Corporate Finance. Joe covered all of the latest updates with Furlough, government updates, opportunities, grants and how you can implement them and how to also recession proof your business through tough times. With bounce back loans already taken, CBILS not as easy to get as people thought and Banks not being as supportive as everyone would like them to be, Darren discussed what is actually out there for you and what the lenders are expecting from Businesses in order to meet their needs. Due to the demand of our live webinars, we have expanded the size of the 'meeting room' to allow as many of you to tune in as possible. There was time for a Q&A at the end with viewers. JOIN US FOR OUR NEXT WEBINAR AND LET'S GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER!