Preparing Your Business For A Recession

The words ‘inflation’ and ‘recession’ are everywhere at the moment, which is why our CEO, Mitch Hahn & Joe Sword our Head of Strategic Advisory, wanted to speak to you all regarding everything that is going on at the minute.

As the UK has successfully gotten over the hangover of the COVID-19 pandemic, another crisis has hit in the form of the cost-of-living crisis. It’s needless to say that for many of us, it’s a real worry presently as well as in the foreseeable future.

They talk about the challenges that most of us will imminently face in regards to rising energy bills, fuel prices and an overall increased cost of living. They also points out some of the things to do in order to make your business as recession proof as possible, as well as how the most resilient business owners channel the energy of challenges and difficulties into a force for good…

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