What Can Businesses Do As Economic Uncertainty Soars

In the webinar we looked at how businesses are affected, and can be supported, during the challenging economic situation the UK finds itself in, covering a range of topics intended to shed some light on the uncertainty including:

An in-depth discussion on the current economic situation

An analysis on the energy price cap for businesses

Has government intervention been enough?

What financial support is available for businesses?

Where will interest rates be heading?

Is green, renewable energy the solution?

The webinar was hosted by our CEO, Mitch Hahn, where he was joined by our Director of Strategic Advisory, Joe Sword, who provided insight on the situation and some of the conversations he’s been having with business owners. They were also joined by Nordens’ Chief Sustainability Officer, Steven Brewer, who addressed the benefits of green, renewable energy, as well as CEO of Ultimate Finance, Josh Levy, who shared information on what funding support is out there and the future of interest rates.

If you would like to get in touch you can email the team:

Mitch - mitch@nordens.co.uk

Joe - joe@nordens.co.uk

Steven - steven@nordens.co.uk

Josh - josh.levy@ultimatefinance.co.uk